My Kindred Spirit...for anyone who has ever loved a horse
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Links to other horse resources and support: 

Steadfast Steeds Mustang Sanctuary and Leadership Center
A gallop through news, history and events about horses and people who serve them in Western Colorado.

Del Camino Equestrian Enterprises, Inc.
Deserving senior horses are beautiful, if only in the eyes of the owner who has shared so many trails with them.  It is our job to maintain their quality of life.  It is our job to learn what is, and is not, an acceptable quality of life.  Lastly, it is our job to ensure they do not suffer when that quality cannot be maintained. One of the missions of Del Camino is to help horse owners find timely information that guides them through this journey.  We want to keep our seniors as fit, as active, as contented as possible, as long as possible.  It can be done.

Front Range Equine Rescue (FRER)
Established in 1997, is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the abuse and neglect of horses.
The rescue program is at the heart of Front Range's work. Incoming horses with unknown backgrounds are quarantined. Horses are obtained from auctions, kill lots, animal control impound, abandonment cases, and owner surrender. The focus is on abused and neglected horses with emphasis on those bound for slaughter.

The Argus Institute @ Colorado State University

The Mission of the Argus Institute is to strengthen veterinarian-client-patient communication and support relationships between people and their companion animals.

...for anyone who has ever loved a horse