My Kindred Spirit...for anyone who has ever loved a horse
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YOUR Kindred Spirit Custom Creations

To order your custom Kindred Spirit, please describe coat pattern and markings in the message section of the PayPal shopping cart. If you desire your horse's hair, please send clean and brushed (if possible) thick strand (as much as possible) to P.O. Box 3953, Grand Junction, CO 81502. Include your name and transaction ID from PayPal order. Images are only representative of Spirit One, Two, Three, and Four. Your custom order will be as close as I am able to complete based on your description. To achieve greatest likeness, send a photo that will be returned with your custom Kindred Spirit. If you are unsure of which to order, please contact me at or use form on "contact" page.


Kindredspirits/Spirit.jpg   Spirit One $80.00 USD
Basic custom solid-colored horse

Spirit Two $105.00 USD   Kindredspirits/ksambush.jpg
Custom solid-colored horse with your "personality" added

Kindredspirits/kshustler.jpg   Spirit Three $130.00 USD
Basic custom spotted or paint horse

Spirit Four $155.00 USD   Kindredspirits/Star.jpg
Custom spotted or paint horse with your "personality" added

Orders not requiring shipping only

Kindred Spirit is a unique and deeply sentimental gift for any horse enthusiast.